Luxury Silk Hair Scrunchies


100% Mulberry Silk Real 22 MM Silk Scrunchies Hair Tie with Elastic Band Silk Tie Blush Care  
✅ Upgrade your ordinary hair tie with this luxurious pure silk scrunchie. Cotton/Polyester/Nylon/Satin (man-made materials) dry out and twist your hair at the root, which can damage your hair in the long term. All-natural mulberry silk scrunchies are designed to be gentle on your delicate hair. Real silk is the beauty secret for skin and hair for many centuries.

✅ Anti-hair crease - Our scrunchie is made with high-grade 6A 22 momme silk designed to reduce those annoying ridges caused by regular hair elastics. It is slippy, stretchable, and elastic. The hair tie band with a durable band can fix your hair well firmly and will not hurt your hair, easy and soft to wear.

✅ Anti-hair breakage and dryness. Silk fibers have a similar structure to human hair, containing 100% proteins and amino acids. Its natural abilities will keep your hair's own moisture from drying out, avoid hair breakage.

✅ Perfect large size (4 inches-11 inches) hair scrunchie suitable for most people, no matter long or short hair, thick or thin hair. Two popular colors- caramel/ black look great for any hair colors and any outfits.

<Silk Care Instructions>:
Hand washes gently with a mild soap in cool water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Air dry. To make it last, keep out of washing machines, hot water, and strong sunlight.