Aroy Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk 22 Momme Long Silk Sleep Eye Mask. Holiday Gift! Free PearlChain


💖 Highest Quality Thick 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk, Inside and Out. Grade 6A, long silk fiber- the best quality silk that requires the selection of the best quality cocoons that unwind in a long, regular thread. Only super-soft, super-smooth pure silk offers the breathable, cool relaxation of the soothing masks found at the world’s premier spas.

💖 Gentle, elastic silk headband won’t tangle hair or snag pillow. Comfortable skin-friendly silk strap from 13 inches to 20 inches, suitable for women/men/kids and back/side/stomach sleepers. Unisex styles.
💖Perfectly fitted for light blocking. A quick nap or deep sleep anywhere.
💖 Excellent anti-aging effects for beauty skincare:
- Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which speed up the metabolism of skin cells and help to counter the effects of aging.
- The silky texture of the silk prevents the formation of sleep wrinkles or crows feet around the eyes.
- Silk dehydrates the epidermis much less than cotton does and it keeps the skin naturally hydrated during the night.
- Silk doesn't absorb your creams. You can enjoy a smooth sleep right after you've applied your night cream/eye serum/eye gel. Your beauty skincare products will stay on your face all night.
- Silk is hypoallergenic.
💖 Designed by Aroy Fashion. A unique gift for anyone wanting deep, uninterrupted sleep, and beautiful wrinkle-free skin. Each eye mask comes with a premium quality beautiful black color gift/storage box.
Weight is 7oz. box size is 25cm*11cm*3cm

💖 <Silk Care Instructions>:

Hand washes gently with a little mild SLS-free pH-balanced soap in cool water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not scrub or twist. Gently squeeze out most of the water. Air dry. To make it last, keep out of washing machines, hot water, and direct sunlight.